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"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." –Socrates



Early Childhood Educational Consultant

Gennie (pronounced "Jenny") Gorback is an Early Childhood Educator with a Masters of Education in Teaching and a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from University of California, Santa Barbara... (more)



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Gennie will:

  • Ask you some questions to get to know your child's specific educational needs.

  • Provide customized guidance on the Common Core State Standards and/or Preschool Learning Foundations, as applicable. 

  • Create a sample weekly schedule to help you plan for your child's learning. 


Gennie will:

  • Teach the caregiver the research-supported value of learning through play.

  • Provide customized activity suggestions based on child(ren)'s developmental levels and interests.

  • Train the caregiver to recognize the learning that happens during play, using the Common Core State Standards and Preschool Learning Foundations, as applicable.

  • Help the caregiver develop vocabulary for specific skills developed during play for communicating with the child's parents. 

  • Provide a guide for planning and assessing developmentally appropriate activities based on standards/learning goals.

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Many families are choosing to forego traditional school in the Fall of 2020 due to COVID concerns. Some are working with other families to create a pod or bubble

Gennie will:

  • Provide guidance on creating a preschool-at-home environment. 

  • Give training to all families in pod on developmentally appropriate practices and learning through play.

  • Help pod develop communication strategies, ​daily schedules and assessment options.

  • Provide suggestions for curriculum, books on educational theory and child development and supply activity ideas based on the specific needs of the children and families in the pod.


Gennie will:​

  • Guide the parent/caregiver to assess the child for social-emotional readiness and academic readiness through assessment and discussion. (Note, this is done through communication with the parent/caregiver, not through interaction with the child.)

  • Provide customized suggestions for developmentally appropriate, play-based activity ideas to help child reach goals. 

  • Provide a guide for planning developmentally appropriate activities based on standards/learning goals.

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Young Students


​Gennie will: 

  • Help parents figure out the best childcare options for their family.

  • Provide the parents with customized questions to ask potential caregivers during tours and/or interviews. 


  • Gennie has extensive training in educating young children with a variety of developmental needs.

  • The ever-changing situations in our post-COVID world create new early childhood education needs.

  • Email to inquire about any custom educational consulting you may need. 

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Kindling Education offers a wide variety of services, catered to your family's specific needs. 

Here are examples of options:

  • An interactive, 2-part training (nicknamed "The Why" and "The How") via Zoom. This option comes with 6 months of on-demand consulting (see below)

  • A pre-recorded video of "The Why" and "The How," which will not be customized for your family's specific needs

  • 6 Months of On-Demand Education Consulting, including prompt feedback with activity suggestions and support

  • Specific fees for specific projects (for example, Weekly Schedule Guidance). 

Early childhood education consulting looks different for every family.

Since everyone has their own unique needs, the first step is to reach out via email.

From there, we will discuss your needs and the associated fees.




In the midst of a global pandemic while trying to work full time from home with two young children (daughter nearly 3 and my son halfway through kindergarten) I was lost and overwhelmed. Gennie was a guiding light both practically and emotionally. (more) 

Annie S.


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