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In the midst of a global pandemic while trying to work full time from home with two young children (daughter nearly 3 and my son halfway through kindergarten) I was lost and overwhelmed. Gennie was a guiding light both practically and emotionally. She assured me that I had the tools at home to bring valuable lessons to my kids, even if the activities I was patching together between meetings was (to me) chaotic or simplistic and silly - Gennie would remind me of the value those activities were providing the kids and encouraging me to believe in myself. Reminding me that it’s ok to be a hot mess sometimes and sending over easy to manage activities that were age appropriate, simple to execute, and fun for the kids. Her resources are endless, her creativity boundless, her enthusiasm contagious. I highly recommend Gennie in any capacity with children. She’s a born educator and a true inspiration.


Gennie has been a constant source of inspiration, knowledge, positivity, and encouragement for me as a parent. Recently, I had some concerns about my son’s writing development. As an educator myself with a background in child development, I knew the skills he was showing were not of concern, but as a parent, I needed reassurance. I immediately thought to reach out to Gennie. She was able to provide me with a calming presence, reminding me of what was appropriate for his age and developmental level, but also provided me with resources to meet him where he is at so that I can assist him with these skills. Gennie is a wealth of knowledge, an advocate for play and early education, and a wonderful resource.


Gennie Gorback is a true treasure. Her expertise, experience, passion, compassion, energy, creativity and generosity are priceless gifts. Even as someone who spent my career in the field of early childhood education, being a grandmother who has had the privilege of being involved in my 4 year old granddaughter’s daily life has brought up challenges, questions and concerns about how to best support her learning and development.

Gennie has always been extremely supportive and responsive, and has provided practical, usable, well-informed, best-practice suggestions and advice. She gave me concrete tools and ideas to use to support fine motor skills development to aid in scissor-skills, and fantastic suggestions for enhancing our pre-literacy activities. Gennie is always respectful and honoring of each child and each “parent’s” individuality, and her joy and enthusiasm for early childhood development is inspiring and contagious!

I highly recommend Gennie as an educational consultant, and encourage anyone with questions about how to best support their child’s learning through play to contact her!


Gennie has been so essential for my pandemic sanity! She helped with suggestions for my reluctant learner, with activities that were tailored to his learning style, using his current interests and toys. She helped me to know what was developmentally appropriate for my children and what were some of the important skills to focus on. And we would have been truly lost on the best schooling option for our potential TK or Kindergartner without Gennie's experience and insight. We have had a much more successful time at home with Gennie's suggestions and personalized recommendations for my children. Life at home wouldn't be the same with her! Thank you! 


Gennie is phenomenal! A wonderful sounding board with great suggestions. I HIGHLY recommend using her as a resource. She is truly a master of her trade without being intimidating to talk with, and addresses the whole child in her recommendations. In discussing this stuff with her it felt like I was casually discussing my child with a friend...who also happens to be an early childhood expert!

Gennie is so fun and makes it a priority to make learning fun for your child. I sought out her guidance on how to best support and encourage my newly 5 yr olds reading skills.

I felt my child would benefit from Gennie’s insight, and thought it would make me more capable of effectively supporting my child’s budding reading skills. Gennie is so gentle, enthusiastic and approachable-I felt like she understood and appreciated who my child is. Her suggestions were age appropriate, fun, and always had the caveat of “if it’s not fun/she’s not interested, don’t push it” suggesting that we touch base to reassess the situation as needed. I felt seen with Gennie, like she completely understood where I was coming from, what I was hoping to get out of our interactions for my child, and gave me extra tools to accomplish what I was seeking.

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