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The AvoCone - a Feeding Hack

When my babies start eating solids, we approach food introduction using combo feeding. We mostly subscribe to Baby Led Weaning, but pepper in some traditional weaning, as well. I was always looking for new ways to serve healthy foods to my dairy-allergy baby, especially foods that she could eat independently! Enter the AvoCone!

Avocado + Ice Cream Cone It's so simple. The cone is fun to use and easy to grip. The avocado is delicious and nutritious. Just use a fork to mash some ripe avocado onto the inner sides of the ice cream cone (we use organic cones from our local grocery store).

Sustained Attention

8-month-old Cece was chomping down on her AvoCone for 30 minutes straight! She usually got so frustrated trying to feed herself but this was so easy for her to hold!


This feeding hack definitely doesn't reduce the mess... But it was so cute and fun, I didn't even mind! Plus, I'm pretttty sure she actually got more avocado into her mouth than she usually did!

A Whole New World

This feeding hack changed my life!

You could also try other fillers, like hummus, but butters (spread thin) and thick/chunky purees! Have you served your baby anything in an ice cream cone?

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