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The Kindling Education Blog usually features tips and tricks for educating young children, but today I am offering you something completely different: an original Board Book manuscript!

I am thrilled to be entering my *first* writing contest. If you know me in real life, then I've probably talked your ear off about my passion for children's books.

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The Fall Writing Frenzy is a #kidlit contest, featuring entries that fall [see what I did there?] into the following categories: Board Books, Picture Books, Middle Grade or Young Adult. The Fall Writing Frenzy writing contest was created by #Kidlit superstars Lydia Lukidis and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez. All entries must be 200 words or less and inspired by one of the 15 photos provided. To learn more about the Fall Writing Frenzy, click here.

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My entry was inspired by image #14, the sunflower.

Sunflower’s Treat

By Gennie Gorback

(176 Words)

[Wordless page: A small sunflower watches Trick-or-Treaters on a cloudy Halloween evening. Speech bubbles indicate that children are saying, “Trick or treat!” “Thank you!” and “Happy Halloween!”]


Raindrops drip. 

Hustle, bustle.

Leaves rustle

Ca-lump, ca-lomp.

Rainboots stomp.


Doorbells sing. 

Crinkle, plop.

Candies drop. 

Splish, splash, roar.

Raindrops pour! 

Ska-welch, sa-wish. 

Costumes squish. 

Sploosh, bloop.

Petals droop.

“Poor sunflower, you’re getting a shower!” 

[Illustration: A young girl in a sunflower costume is holding an umbrella. The sunflower is drenched.]

[Wordless page: The girl holds her umbrella over the sunflower]

Drizzle, trickle. 

Just a tickle. 

[Illustration: raindrops are not falling on the sunflower’s petals anymore, but the mist is tickling its leaves.] 

Swoosh, sway.

Clouds don’t stay.

[Illustration: The girl is smiling at the sunflower under the umbrella. The rain is slowing.]

Plink, plop. 

Small seeds drop. 

[Illustration: The sunflower is dropping seeds into the girl’s trick-or-treat bucket.] 

“Thank you, Sunflower! Happy Halloween!” 

[Wordless page: The happy sunflower raises a leaf to wave goodbye as the girl waddles down the sidewalk, holding hands with her grownup.]


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