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BEE BRAVE - Valentiny Writing Contest

Hello, hello! I guess I am eventually going to have to start a separate blog to focus on my writing... but for now, I will post my contest entries here!

It's the 6th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest from Susanna Leonard Hill. Here are the rules: the piece must not exceed 214 words, it must be geared toward children (12 and under), and it must have a full story arc. This year's theme is all about being brave!

Read more about Susanna's contest here:

Thank you for reading my Valentiny story:


by Gennie Gorback

(214 Words)

The hive was a-buzz about this year’s Valentine’s day writing contest. Well, except Beatrice.

Two years ago, Beatrice had an idea for a poem. She’d call it: “The Pollen Not Taken.” But thinking about someone else reading her work made her knees knock and her stripes wobble. She broke out in hives and never finished a first draft.

Her cousin won that year:

Bee Mine

by Bartlebee

BEE Mine.

It was sweet. It was succinct. It was bee-utiful!

Last year was even worse. She considered entering her poem, “Buzzing Through the Woods on a Snowy Evening.” But doubt wormed its way into her brain and stuck like honey. She never even submitted it.

Another cousin won:

Bee My Valentine

by Shelbee

BEE My Valentine.

The judges thought it was genius.

This time would be different. Beatrice spent the entire year busily building up her confidence. She joined a critter critique group. She attended Snail Silverstein’s writing courses and a webinar hosted by Laura Ingalls Spider.

She was determined to be brave and enter the contest. Her antennae shook as she finished her poem, “How Do I Love Bee?” She was filled with fear… but she submitted it anyway.

Beatrice was proud. It didn’t matter what the judges thought, she already felt like a winner.


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